Banner production

HTML5 type banners, animated gifs and other kind of banners

You can find Html5, animated gif, video and other banner samples here >>>

Advertising banners in current times are broadcasted abundantly on the web, for this reason you can feel so called „ advertising/promotional background“ which means it becomes quite hard to be different from competition. Here our exerience comes in handy.

Big challenge became Flash banners displayment restrictioning on the web, in behalf of it since 2015 September main web browsers and mobile environment limited or even does no longer support flash type banners. As a alternative it is offered html5 type banners or video banners, also static jpg, png or animated gif banners. After a few years of dealing with this we can state, that interactive instrument for purpose of culturally and visually pleasing displayment of information was stripped away from us. In comparison we can tell, that to draw a painting we are forced to use an axe instead of a pencil or brush. We accepted the challenges and are trying to produce content as good as possible for our clients advertising needs.

Banner creation price depends on not their physical size, but on their composition, length and difficulty level. So even a small banner often times could cost much more than unwieldy dimension advertising pannel with few small funcitons. Furthermore, it is still hard to incorporate banners size to new website content posting requirements. Even though from year 1996 to 2000 Internet speeds and computers processing power are like night and day compared to todays technology, but most websites are still restricting banner file sizes to be in 40, 50, 100 KB range, when file sizes of data are calculated in terabites nowadays.

We should highlight, that properly concentrated banner accents or meaning behind said banner should grab impatient internet users attention. Thus this task should only be trusted to this field professionals.

Animated and static banners we are creating and apply to Google Display Network, Facebook or Instagram broadcasting ( translation). We can help in creating advertising campaigns and launch them.

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