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Websites and their design , TVS instalation website maintanance

Term - Website design, is one of the most discussed topics. First of all, beauty is subjective and every individual understands beauty in their own way. So we should treat website design as an abstract idea.

Websites and their design

Term - Website design, is one of the most discussed topics. First of all, beauty is subjective and every individual understands beauty in their own way. So we should treat website design as an abstract idea.
We think that website should firstly be functional, it should properly display and represent the product or company and should only bring owner profit. Simply, website should look clean, tidy and must be functional/ working. Before production of a website, you need to think everything through: analyze the market, competition, evaluate your advatages/ disadvantages and choose concrete version of the website. In one instance, it could be WEB 2.0 type website, in other – blog format website or webshop variant.
Eficiantly working website advertises, presents bei popularizes products and services, expands relationships and comunicates with buyers/ clients, establishes feedback, gives direct access of information to buyers, consumers and producers. Its is closely correlated with social media; forms selling channels. Today its imposible to imagine a company without a proper website. Your website should be accurate and ergonomic, attractive and with non-aggressive design, but at the same time sufficiently cultural, in order to perform its core function - compete in website rich in market. Creating this type of website is fairly difficult process, requiring knowledge and experience, so web site production should be trusted to professionals.
Different types of websites also require an appropriate approach. After all, the online store and the news portal are essentially different things, so the attitude to them must be very individual. For potential customers, we will always help you to find out their needs, provide advice and offer the best possible solution.

Content management system CMS installation

We definitely recommend our customers to use content management system (CMS). CMS greatly simplifies site refresh work, does not require PHP, HTML, Java Script or even some additional language knowledge, almost immediately it allows you to optimize the website for search engines. With the built-in content management system, you will easily transfer website renewal work to any person or worker without additional headache. In our work we mainly use specially designed and functional modules for the user. In this way, the website code is "clean." without security gaps. This minimizes the chance that the website will be cracked and turned into a phantom or spam server. For simpler projects, we also use free content management systems such as TVS CMS Made Simple, Joomla, Wordpress, electronic free store models like VirtueMart or Presta Shop.
However, it must be understood that even free platforms require additional resources – you need to adapt design, to set it up for work, and most importantly - continuous maintenance. When needed, we can program additional modules that are needed to reach the goals set by our clients.

Web site maintanance

After creating the website it is very important to constantly update it and make sure that it is always alive and be in line with today's spirit. You can also trust your web site maintenance work for us. Possible web page maintenance options for appropriate monthly fee, while estimating work volume in advance, or for specific completed work.

Here are some of the latest examples of web sites that we are involved with.

TONA chimneys

Responsive solution for TONA ceramic chimneys. Unique html5 code. Connected and configured CMS. With individual projects implemented in Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Belarus.

PALIŪTIS | Rubber shoe manufacturer

Responsive solution for PALIŪČIO products. In lithuanian and english. Created with Symphony Framework CMS.


Responsive solution for FORMIGAS products. Website was created using Wordpress CMS blended with free clean design.

NATINUEL | professional Italian cosmetics

Responsive solution for NATINUEL cosmetics. Website was created using unique HTML5 code, connected and configured CMS. Ready for use in 4 languages. The administrative environment can be used in any of the four languages: Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian and English.

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