Search engine optimization (SEO)

Web page and website optimization. (Search engine optimization - SEO)

In todays market prevails endless and harsh competition, so after creating a website it is very important to quickly get into seach engine systems, and even better, to be placed between top 10 results in a search engine, submitted by fitting ( according) key words and business specifics.

Search engine optimization (SEO) – is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's results, by optimizing its content with a goal to be between first 10 search results. I could make a joke, that it is good that we are not living in Russia, so we can focus on optimizing our webpage to only one search engine, which means that most of clients are in our hands. Its only because, 97 percent of lithuanians and mostly in the world are using biggest search engine – Google. So our dream of being in top ten search results are easily available. But do not be so naive by thinking that your competitors are not involving SEO in their businesses.

Your key aspects should be suitable descriptions, good links to your web page from decently high rating having websites, and of course, accurate information, which is required to specific user. It is important to identify and correctly describe your companies activity or product specifics, because only then, by focusing on correct key words, you can fight your way up to that top 10 search results between the best. Forget using generic word optimization for marketing at first, as it would be considered expensive pleasure with less results. Searches by generic words will come with time naturally, and in the end when you want to increase traffic, it is wiser to use advertising options provided by serach engines themselves.

You should note, that there are many diffrent ways to achieve your goals. While using illegal or shady technology, you could raise your website to top spots of search results quite fast. If someone is offering you that in 2 to 3 weeks you will be on top, be doubtful. Because legally to reach such results are not possible. And remember, search engines are using algorithms to analyze and detect websites created with illegal technology, and if spotted – forget about your website reaching the top. Thus before taking such decisions, think wisely.

Also worth noting, that bad optimization in search engines could be more harmful than no optimization at all. So it is important to find a right company to manage your website and advertising campaigns. Furthermore it is suggested to get acquainted with companies code of ethics, which should clearly draw attention to deceptive optimization techniques. It is advisable to encrypt websites content with SSL sertificate. Since 2018 Google websites without SSL encryption will not rate in their engines, so without it higher search positions are impossible!

Supposing your websites and web pages are orientated more to eastern market – Russia, Belarus or other NVO countries, then you would need to familiarize with Yandex optimization. It has different algorithms and in general system works differently than Google search engine, so only small part of these rules will fit to Yandex platform.

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