Book publishing

Books, brochures, catalogs, guides publications and layouting

Educational books for Childern

Since 2018 we started producing educational books for little ones. For children it is necessary to learn and perform various little tasks: like construct, glue stuff, learn to understand the world that is around them not from Google or mobile phone help but by educational books. Afterall you can not physically cut out a crown, or put stickers on a screen. For the time being we published 2 books for children aged 4-7, in witch you can find abundance of coloring pictures, interesting puzzles, multitude of stickers, ideas for fun games and experiments, interesting information is submitted in concise way.


While reading this book you can learn a lot about pirates: who were pirates, how did the pirate ship look like, how pirate life looked like in that ship, how pirates hijacked a ship, what they would do with loot and much more interesting things like that.


Reading this book, you will familiarize with princessess: How you became one, how princesses would prepare for their day, what princesses had to be able to do, what princessess did in their freetime and so on.

Specialized publishing

By order of LR police departament we have made and published books and guides in multiple languages. In publications there are plenty of illustrations, tables, schemes. It was quite difficult layouting, requiring a lot of attention and general feeling of graphic flow.

Baltic police special research methods guide

This book was released in 4 languages: lithuanian, latvian, estonian and english. Volume: 80 pages. Hard covering. Prepared and accomplished cover and inner page design.

Lithuania and other neighboring countries cooperation through border guide

PExcellent experience was creating comfortable cooperation through border guide for lithuanian police, which would not be needed to reprint. It is enough to change old information to new one and its good to go. Amply illustrated, variety of technical information, tables, schemes. Volume : 122 pages. Binder with interchangable cover. Prepared and fulfilled cover and inner pages design. Made in lithuanian, polish and latvian languages.

Police and presidency to ES council in year 2013

Amply illustrated, original design journal, for the purpose of LR( galesi isskleist sita termina angliskai) in ES counceling. Volume : 38 pages. Binded.

Short information about international police cooperation in Schengen area

Pocketable auxiliary variant, as subsidiary measure for lithuanian police officers about Schengen code of laws and cooperation through bordering capabilites. Volume 38 pages. Binded. Lithuanian, latvian and polish languages.

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