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Advertising on the Internet includes a variety of different variants: from banner broadcasting on the web to text links, ad article hosting on specialized websites or text based ads on search engines.

Before choosing advertising forms for your business promotion and increasing your client count, you firstly should carefully analyze all offered variants and choose only what you need. Contrary, after paying for advertising ( / marketing) you can be disappointed by not getting desired result if you choose wrongly.

Always have a clearly raised goal, anticipate possible advertising budget, and only then choose your form of advertising. It became an usual option to choose pay for clicks, not pay for showcasing an ad. This helps to attract more target audience and also helps to control visitor traffic flows by increasing or decreasing provided budget.

Advertising with search engine Google

Nowadays an inseparable advertising form – advertising through Google search engine. Price for visitors click in this system fluctuates from 0,01 – 0,05 €. Prices depend on several factors, and in particular prices can rise because of large keyword competition in target ad groups.

If you think that you dont know nearly enough about adavertising forms, in this case it is better to employ independant (freelance) ad consultant and simply discuss about this topic. It will help you to understand and grasp concepts of said area, to further feel the possibilities that internet advertising forms can provide you. Always remember, that one mean of advertising could have completely different effect on different businesses.

Ads on this platform are solved not only with searches on Google and partners network, but also by showing video ads on Google Display Network. Do not forget that an excellent way for marketing is to use Youtube platform.

Advertising on social media

These days life would‘nt be life without social media. Thinking logically, it is a great place and opportunity for makerting. But you should be cautious, because you will not only need to compete with your direct competition, but with cats, dogs, and many other life aspects.

Most success in this area brings consistency and well written and addapted ad variants. Also there is great significance in using paid marketing positions, because in social media timeline is always changing and written message or picture will not necessarily stay for long enough in that timeline. Thus we wish you not to be dissapointed :)

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